Monday, March 19, 2012

Facebook Can Be So Annoying!

Has anyone else noticed that Facebook has seemingly become nothing more than a place to post "Funny" or politically captioned pictures? It's about to the point where I feel like deleting a bunch of "Friends" who do nothing but post this stuff.

I have a lot of friends who still do make legitimate posts, but they don't post every day, so my Facebook wall has become covered with unfunny pictures from a whole bunch of people who I really don't even know. These are mainly friends-of-friends who read something I wrote on a friend's post, liked what I wrote, and asked to be my friend. (Does that happen to anyone else? I thought it was weird the first time it happened, but then it kept happening, so maybe it's more common than I know...)

From "Funny" pictures that aren't really funny, whose "Humor" comes from the swear words in the captions, to extremely preachy political pictures that vilify anyone who disagrees with them. It's really getting old. I'm tired of logging into Facebook and seeing the same content every day, with just a few slight modifications. I'm not saying that all captioned pictures are not funny. There are a few that have made me laugh out loud, but the key words there are "A Few." The vast majority are really getting on my nerves.

Why can't people come up with their own opinions, and their own humor? Why does absolutely everything some people post have to be from someone else? I'm not trying to say everyone who re-posts these things is an uncreative numbskull, and that you should never post funny pictures, or that you should never post something political that you agree with. I can be just as guilty of this as the next guy. There really is some funny stuff out there, and sometimes you really want someone else to laugh at what you just found. But when that becomes the only things you ever post, (and you post more than five every single day,) that's a problem!

Instead of re-posting something from someone else, why not start thinking about the things you like, and writing about them? Why not start taking pictures and posting them? Why not create your own artwork and post it? There's more to life than Facebook. Get out there and get inspired! Make your own stuff! Write your own thoughts! Then come back and use Facebook to show off what inspires you, not just that picture you liked, that your friend posted, who had gotten it from that page that collects pictures from other websites that re-post pictures they find on all the popular meme websites. I want to know what you think! I want to hear YOUR jokes! I want to see what you create!

I'm speaking to myself as well, I may not have too much free time outside of school and work, but when I do have some, I should be doing something more than just reading a bunch of Facebook jokes. I should be writing, painting, or designing! I should be outside with my camera, then back on my computer making art out of those pictures!

Facebook should be a place to share news, share your own pictures, share... yourself! Not a place to spend three hours looking at lolcats and toilet jokes. Remember how fun Facebook was when you first joined, and it was just you and your closest friends? Let's make it that fun again!

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