Friday, December 17, 2010

A New Background?

Well as you know, I’ve been wanting to design my own background for my blog for a long time. I have an idea for one, but it isn’t finished yet. It’s going to be hand drawn. I want it to be similar to the one I have, only with pictures that I do myself. A bunch of really random things, just like the current background, only tailored to me specifically. Smile
Today I have been pretty sick, so I took advantage of the downtime by drawing a whole bunch of sketches to potentially use for a background. I chose all different things that I love. So far it’s mainly animals, but I’ll do more things too.
Sketches 002
I got my Legend of the Guardians DVD in the mail today, so I was inspired to draw a barn owl.
Sketches 008
If you’ve been following my blog at all you know how much the Legend of the Loch Ness Monster intrigues me. This is my recreation of the most famous photo of ever taken of Nessie. Ironically, this one was most likely a hoax, but it’s still one of the most iconic pictures of Nessie there is.
Sketches 009
My favorite animal, the Giraffe. Pretty much anyone who has known me since I was little knows how much I love them. Smile
Sketches 011
I found a picture of a really interesting flower on the internet and decided to draw it. I really love strange and exotic looking plants and flowers.
Sketches 013
I love seahorses. I love all sorts of undersea creatures, but the seahorse is one of my most favorites.
Sketches 014
I’m a space nerd. I love learning about the planets and everything else that is out there. Saturn is one of my favorites. I love the rings. Lots of planets have rings, even Jupiter, believe it or not, but Saturn has the clearest, best looking rings of all.
Sketches 018
No I did not post this upside down, I drew it this way on purpose. I love Jellyfish. They can be one of the deadliest creatures in the ocean, but they are so beautiful.
Sketches 019
And finally a slice of pizza. I love pizza. That is all. Open-mouthed smile


  1. These are really cool! I love the jellyfish, seahorse, and pizza probably the best! Actually..i can't decide. They're all really neat!