Tuesday, February 28, 2017

TWZIA (The Warp Zone Is Awesome)

The Warp Zone has been KILLING it these last few months with their a-capella theme covers, so I just had to make a whole seperate post to feature them.

To start, I posted this once awhile ago, but Gravity Falls is probably my all time favorite cartoon, and I love their cover, so here it is again.

One of my other favorite cartoons in recent years has been Steven Universe, and I absolutely love the music from it. So many people have been covering the music, I may end up doing a Steven Universe post by itself, but for now, here's the theme, as sung by The Warp Zone. Also please ignore the costumes. They seem to find it hilarious to look their worst when they sing female parts, (See Mabel above) and the bulk of the cast of Steven Universe is female. (Though that doesn't explain Greg, {bottom left} who they've somehow managed to make look far worse than the female characters)

As you can tell, they always dress up like the characters from whatever piece of media they are covering, and when a piece of media has a prominent female character, they will sometimes bring in a guest singer, like this cover of John Williams' Harry Potter theme, where they brought in my favorite YouTube baker who also sings, Rosanna Pansino. :)

And from one John Williams theme to another, (I swear I didn't plan this!) my all time favorite Star Wars theme, Duel of the Fates!

One of my all time favorite shows (that only premiered last year) is Stranger Things, and I love this cover of the theme music. :)

And last but not least, from one Netflix show to another, my latest absolute favorite show, (And I'm not being hyperbolous, I love this show SO MUCH) the theme to Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Did you know that God is currently punishing the US with a plague of beards? No one knows what we did, but it must have been bad. #TrueFact

Did you know that the Savage Log-Beast is not actually all that dangerous? It has no teeth or stomach, so anyone it eats just ends up with a few splinters. #TrueFact

Did you know that sweatercakes taste like yarn, and leave a weird, fuzzy aftertaste in your mouth? #TrueFact

Did you know that in 1786, one of the most avant-garde fashion designers of Tiny Town, Kentucky, was a woman named Cilantro Forté? Sadly, she was the true definition of a misunderstood genius. Local clergy described her dress made entirely of pepperoni pizza as a "Sinful mess from Heck", and burned it at the stake. Cilantro ate it anyway, 'cause even burnt pizza tastes good! #TrueFact

Did you know that most dragon legends were based on sighting of really big ducks? This is because giant ducks can breathe fire. #TrueFact

Did you know that cured ham is made from pigs that had a really bad cold? The pigs got better by taking lots of echinacea, cayenne pepper, and garlic. After a week or so, they were totally cured! #TrueFact

Did you know that the Derp-Eyed Horror is the most terrifying creature in all of creation? And somehow it also manages to be the most hilarious. #TrueFact

Did you know that the watermelon is the world's largest legless insect? Its rind is actually it's exoskeleton. #TrueFact

Did you know that the Bermuda Triangle is actually more of a square? The guy who named it didn't really know his shapes that well. #TrueFact

Did you know that last week, Philip Von Bankershim became the first person in history to win three eating contests in the same day? He won a pie eating contest at breakfast, a hot dog eating contest at lunch, and a spaghetti eating contest at dinner. His funeral is tomorrow at 11:30. #TrueFact

Thursday, February 23, 2017

TIIA 27 (The Internet is Awesome)

 photo TIIAcolor_zpshc41rmb6.png

Disney's Moana has become a huge hit, and it has a bunch of great songs, but the most popular seems to be "How Far I'll go." So many people on YouTube have been covering them, so I'm going to limit myself to just a few, but they're all great. I love how each one puts their own spin on it. :)

Evynne Hollens:

Mike Tompkins:

And Nick Pitera.

After the death of Debbie Reynolds, Evynne Hollens posted a tribute to her, and it was so good, especially considering she did it in one take, with none of her usual production values.

I posted a video similar to this before, but the artist, Jonna Jinton, has posted a new, longer version, and it is just one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.

If you are a child of the 80's/90's who grew up watching An American Tail, you need to watch this video by Peter Hollens.

Pogo is magic, and he makes Disney magic.

Let's end this post with a bang. (Or a tap. :p) I love Postmodern Jukebox, but when they do a tap dance number they reach a whole new level of awesome. :)