Thursday, March 31, 2016

Colorado Trip - The End!

This is the last post from my trip to Colorado. I had enough pictures from individual days/places that I made individual posts for each one, but I did have a few extra pictures from here and there during the vacation that didn't fit into the rest of the pictures, so I decided to do an extra post, just for those few stray pictures.

My Aunt Ruth and Uncle Nathan's dog, Logan. :)

Believe it or not, this is actually a Chinese restaurant, the Pearl Dragon. You would never know it from the outside. They had really good food though.

A hummingbird outside on Aunt Ruth's feeder. :)

Don't ask me where this was taken, I don't remember. :)

I had a few pictures from the zoo that I must have missed, so I threw them into this post.

Sadly, the only moose we saw on our whole trip, was one in the zoo.

Guess what. Peacock butt. I am so sorry. I will go and punish myself right now for this heinous atrocity of a joke.

My joke was so bad it made this poor orangutan sad.

This was the storm coming in as we left the zoo.

On one of the days we all drove around the towns near where Aunt Ruth and Uncle Nathan live, particularly Estes Park. These next few pictures were from that day.

And that's it! Colorado is one of my favorite places in the entire world, and I really hope to get back there soon! Now to work on the next batch of pictures I'm behind on!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Colorado Trip - Mountains!

On one of our last days in Colorado we drove into the mountains with Uncle Nathan. If I remember right it was Rocky Mountain National Park.

I'm probably weird for liking these so much, but I love driving through these paths cut through the mountains. They just look so cool!

There were a couple areas where there were elk everywhere.

We all got tons of pictures.

This guy was a park ranger and he told us he was there to prevent people from approaching the elk. Apparently people would just go right up to the animals to take pictures with them, sometimes even trying to put their kids on the elks' backs! These are wild animals people! This is a forest, not a petting zoo! Sometimes I wonder about humanity...

These kinds of pictures are mandatory on a scenic car ride, right?

This was all my pictures from specific days. I have a few more pictures from various times during the trip that I'll share in my next post.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Colorado Trip - Hike

On one of the days we spent in Colorado, we went on a hike with Uncle Nathan. I can't remember exactly where we went, but there was a waterfall, and it was amazing.

"Further up and further in!" 10 points if you know the origin of that quote. :)

These two can always be counted on to smile for a picture. :)

This waterfall is even more amazing in person. One picture really can't capture it.

There was a fisherman in the middle of this pond.

See? :)

I love mountains so much. Naturally we needed a picture with some. :)

There was a little owl in a tree. It was so cute. :)

And that's all from the hike. I do have a couple others, as well as some bigger versions of a couple of these, but I'm saving those for my photo blog. Check back for those soon! :)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Colorado Trip - Denver Aquarium

While we were in Denver we had to visit the aquarium. Of course. :)

Horseshoe Crabs!

No idea why the aquarium had tigers.

They were awesome anyway. Even if they weren't fish. :p

Obligatory Jellyfish pic.

No Shaina did not get a tattoo. Sasha got a little marker-happy on the long drive to Denver. :p

And then the most amazing thing happened!

We got to pet some cownose rays! My favorite ray besides manta rays!

They feel so soft and smooth.

They're so cute!

Uncle Nathan wanted a picture of this poster before we left. Not sure why. :p

Aside from petting the giraffes at the zoo, petting the rays at the aquarium was probably my other favorite thing we did on this trip. I love aquariums, and this one is definitely one of my favorites, just because of that experience. It was so cool. :)