Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Colorado Vacation Photos - Finally!

Yeah, it's been over a year and a half since we took this trip, and I am just now getting these pictures up. My only excuse is that school has kept me too busy, but since it's been almost two years, all that is is an excuse.

Anyway... Like the previous vacation, I have a LOT of pictures, so I'm splitting them up into different posts. And since it took me so long to start this, I promise that I won't take very long to get them all up. I should have them done in the next week or two.

This first post is all pictures I took when we went to Winter Park, which is a ski resort. This was the off season, obviously. :)

Shaina wanted to pose with her new friend. :p

Native Wildlife.

I saw these birds everywhere we went. I think they're magpies.

These things were also everywhere. We got a lot of pictures of them. :p

I didn't get too many pictures on this day, but I'll have the next batch up soon.

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