Thursday, March 24, 2016

Colorado Trip - Denver Aquarium

While we were in Denver we had to visit the aquarium. Of course. :)

Horseshoe Crabs!

No idea why the aquarium had tigers.

They were awesome anyway. Even if they weren't fish. :p

Obligatory Jellyfish pic.

No Shaina did not get a tattoo. Sasha got a little marker-happy on the long drive to Denver. :p

And then the most amazing thing happened!

We got to pet some cownose rays! My favorite ray besides manta rays!

They feel so soft and smooth.

They're so cute!

Uncle Nathan wanted a picture of this poster before we left. Not sure why. :p

Aside from petting the giraffes at the zoo, petting the rays at the aquarium was probably my other favorite thing we did on this trip. I love aquariums, and this one is definitely one of my favorites, just because of that experience. It was so cool. :)

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