Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Colorado Trip - Hike

On one of the days we spent in Colorado, we went on a hike with Uncle Nathan. I can't remember exactly where we went, but there was a waterfall, and it was amazing.

"Further up and further in!" 10 points if you know the origin of that quote. :)

These two can always be counted on to smile for a picture. :)

This waterfall is even more amazing in person. One picture really can't capture it.

There was a fisherman in the middle of this pond.

See? :)

I love mountains so much. Naturally we needed a picture with some. :)

There was a little owl in a tree. It was so cute. :)

And that's all from the hike. I do have a couple others, as well as some bigger versions of a couple of these, but I'm saving those for my photo blog. Check back for those soon! :)

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