Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Dedication and Cookout

Sunday night my family attended a dedication ceremony for Ariana, the daughter of my friends Robert and Rachel. Afterwards Robert invited me and my brothers over for a cookout, hotdogs and marshmallows over a campfire. My cousin Shaina was invited too so we had a small gathering consisting of Rachel and Robert, Robert’s sisters, Cynthia and Cassie, two of my brothers, Joel and Jacob, and my cousin Shaina. Robert’s parents and grandmother were also there, though they stayed inside for most of the evening. I had my camera along of course, so I took a bunch of pictures.
April 206
The ceremony
April 207
April 209
Rachel and her brother Matthew
April 210
Shaina with Ariana
April 212
Cassie wanted to give Shaina a manicure. She offered to do mine as well, but I declined. Smile
April 216April 217April 218April 232
April 219April 220April 221April 248
Their pets, Mollie and Coley. I love Mollie’s little bow. Smile
April 226April 225April 229April 235
After Cassie finished the manicure she wanted to do Shaina’s hair as well.
April 241April 242
Rachel and Cynthia did their own nails while Cassie works on Shaina’s makeover.
April 250
Shaina preparing to get “Sugared Up” with some pop before we went outside.
April 251April 252
Cassie, Shaina, Mollie, and Joel
April 253
Jacob, Rachel, and Robert
April 254April 255
These pictures were all taken with the flash on. It was actually pitch black out except for the fire.
April 256April 257April 260April 280
Roasting a water bottle. One of many non-food items that met a fiery fate after we finished eating.
April 264April 283April 284

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding

I’ve been getting pretty sick and tired of hearing about the “Royal Wedding.” Everywhere you click on the internet someone else is gushing over it. “What will her dress look like? Who’s designing it? What will the cake look like? Who’s the baker? What will the queen have for tea on the wedding day?” Good grief! What is the big deal?

I suppose I’m in the minority here, and if I was a big blogger I’m sure my comments would be spammed with angry comments from royalty worshippers everywhere.

“OMZ! Yor so horabal! There is so much romantic and shes a princess now!”

“You are so dum and you have no romance! Get a girlfrend yo looser!”

“Shes so pretty and hes so hansome why cant you be happy for them you moron!”

“Weddings are beautiful especially royal weddings, and celebrities are so much more important than you! Your comments mean nothing and no one agrees with you or likes you why don’t you just shut up!”

“%$#& YOU LOSER!”

And other such enriching, well thought out, eloquent replies such as these.

Yes, marriage is wonderful. I have absolutely nothing against the Prince and his new bride. I wish them all the best and I hope they have a great life together. I just don’t think that it is worthy of this level of publicity. Especially in America! Why are Americans so ga-ga over British royalty? My fear for this new couple is that their marriage will end in divorce, like so many other high profile marriages.
But enough of that. I started this as a humorous post because of a picture I saw today. And so help me, this is going to stay a funny post!

When I first saw the following picture as a thumbnail image, I thought to myself, “Good grief. Another picture from another swooning journalist, capturing a googly eyed smooch from the the royal couple.” Something prompted me to click it for the enlarged version anyway. I suppose this is similar to that urge that prompts one to stare at car wrecks on the interstate. I am so glad I did. It was so much more than a picture of a puckering prince and princess. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who is sick of all this wedding stuff!Open-mouthed smile

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wisdom From The Pioneer Woman

A quote from Ree Drummond "The Pioneer Woman"

"I’m a laid back parent and homeschooler, so I don’t spend much time sweating things. Well, except text messaging; when we got our older daughter a cell phone, I told her I’d turn off the phone if she used text language (UR, tho, etc.) in her messages, not just with me, but also with her friends."

If only more parents were like her, perhaps the English language wouldn't be collapsing, one poorly written facebook status at a time! Go Literacy! :D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


People who complain about people who take their picture, try to cover the camera, or hide their face behind their hands, a book, or some other nearby object, need to stop and think about what they are doing.
First of all, think about who is taking your picture. Is it a family member or friend? Why do they want to take your picture? Could it possibly be that they love, care about, or at the very least, sort of like you enough that they want to remember this time with you?
Unless you are a celebrity and the photographer is a paparazzi trying to make some money off your face, you should be flattered that someone thinks enough of you that they want to have a picture of you.
You are loved! That should make anyone smile and proud to have their picture taken!
P.S. This mini-rant is not directed at any single person. (There are lots of people I know like this) So if you feel like I’m talking to you, remember, I love you! Or at least, I sort of like you. Smile with tongue out

Easter Sunday

On Easter we had dinner at the Home of Morry and Dottie, with whom we attend a home church. Our cousin Sarah, our grandmother, and our uncle Dan were there as well. Jared called from Afghanistan before the service so we had the phone on speakerphone so that everyone could talk to him.

April 155

Dad holding the phone so that everyone could hear.

April 156

James, Jacob, and Joel.

April 159

Morry, Dottie, and Uncle Dan

April 162


April 178


April 163

Apparently James ate too much and passed out on the floor after dinner.

April 164April 165

Although he won’t admit it, I think Jacob secretly enjoys having his picture taken. Watch him mug for the camera here. Smile

April 188

James, on the other hand, does not enjoy having his picture taken. Apparently feet are the best way to ensure that your face does not show up on camera. They do not, however, prevent the picture from being taken. Smile

April 189April 190

James is best photographed candidly. Pictures always turn out much better looking that way anyway.

April 193

In the afternoon, we all talked in the living room while “The Grown-Ups” stayed in the dining room and talked about politics.

April 194April 196April 195

We had a lot more fun than the grown-ups. Smile