Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A View From the Zoo

I had to get 40 pictures chosen and edited for Monday’s class this week. Considering that I was gone all day Saturday, and on Sunday I had projects to work on for both Comp 2 and Drawing 2, I was very cramped for time. Guess what time I went to bed on Sunday night.
1 AM?
No. Try again.
Not even close. It was a trick question. I didn’t go to bed. I finished my Comp 2 paper and submitted it around 11. I then worked for about two hours cutting out shapes for a printing plate. (That project will be featured later after I’m completely finished with it.) After that I started in on my photos. I may have fallen asleep at my computer around 2 or 3 I’m not really sure. Anyways, I was woken up by the sound of dad getting his coat out of the closet right behind me at about 4:30. I started back to work immediately and I finished sometime between 6 &7. If anyone tells you taking pictures is an easy job, don’t believe them. There is so much more to photography than pointing a camera and pushing a button.
So, would you like to see what I stayed up all night working on? I still have lots of pictures to go through, but I have some ready to share right now, so I might as well post some. I don’t want to put them all in one post anyway, the upload time would take hours with our tortoise-like internet connection.
After I got out of the club meeting there was a girl doing animal demonstrations. I was in the Mutual of Omaha building so long, that I got to see two different shows. The first one was a Scarlet Macaw.
Zoo 040
He was not very well behaved.
Zoo 025
I have so many picture of this guy, I think I’ll come back another day with a whole post just about him.
Zoo 544
I really liked this starfish. He was just hangin’ out, chillin’ on his seaweed leaf. Smile
Zoo 126
These were really interesting. They are called Cairo Spiny Mice. Instead of fur they have little spines. I’d never heard of them before.
Zoo 130
This is a Chinese Crocodile Lizard. I am going to try to get some better pictures of him in the future. I didn’t get any that really did him justice. He’s very cool looking.
Zoo 148
This is a Dwarf Surinam Toad. It’s so weird looking but I kind of like him anyway. He looks like a tiny little slimy alien bear.
Zoo 153
This is a File-Eared Tree Frog. if you look closely you can see the ridges that extend over the ear, which, according to a website I found, is an external eardrum. I have never heard of an external eardrum before.
Zoo 285
This is a robin. I saw him outside. Smile with tongue out
Zoo 529
I’m not really sure what this is, but he looks cool anyway.
Zoo 933
This is a bluebird.
>Snicker, snicker< Smile with tongue out
Zoo 545
I love these anemones.
Zoo 551
They’re so cool looking.
Zoo 676
I have a ton of pictures of him as well. I have a separate post planned all about him.
Zoo 899
look! Two more bluebirds! Smile with tongue out
Zoo 558
I love the color of this Sea Urchin.
Zoo 573
This shrimp was bigger than my hand.
Zoo 1017
There’s a whole flock of turkeys running wild around the zoo. Just like the flock of bluebirds. Smile with tongue out
Zoo 743
This guy just sat in the window watching everyone. He never moved. I think we were as entertaining to him as he was to us. Smile
Zoo 637
I love seahorses. They are so cute. Smile
Zoo 1035
There is a flock of doves that live down by the domestic animal barns. When they all burst into flight at once, I was so mad I didn’t have my camera ready. It would have made an awesome shot.
Zoo 626
These are called upside-down jellies. Apparently they are jellyfish that are just too lazy to get up and swim. Smile with tongue out
Zoo 727
I don’t even remember taking this shot, but I think it turned out really great.
Zoo 785
I’ll end with this fantastic shot of a bluebird butt.

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  1. Yeah, that was a bit crude, but the phrase "Bluebird Butt" was stuck in my head, cracking me up, so I really had no choice but to use it. :p