Sunday, April 24, 2011

Randomly Zoo

I thought I’d share a few random pictures I have taken at the zoo.

Zoo 204Zoo 205

This little girl was absolutely terrified of the bear skin. Her mother was trying to assure her that it could not hurt her.

Zoo 224

Apparently the zoo is home to a large number of talented animal artists.

Zoo 225Zoo 227Zoo 228Zoo 229

You can even buy original pieces in the zoo gift shop. There were none by the giraffes so I did not purchase any. Smile

Zoo 252Zoo 254

These are Eclectus Parrots. The female is actually sitting on a nest. I had never seen a parrot do this before. Unfortunately she was sitting on fake eggs, as her eggs had been infertile. The next time I went to the zoo, she was up and the nest was gone, so she must have figured it out. Smile

Zoo 352

I watched the penguins for a long time. I was there so long that I saw many zookeepers coming and going in and out of the exhibit.

Zoo 354Zoo 363Zoo 374Zoo 375Zoo 399

Zoo 422

I was there during feeding time as well. It was a feeding frenzy!

Zoo 411

Zoo 417

This picture cracked me up. It looks like the penguins are attacking this guy. Smile with tongue out

Zoo 427Zoo 429Zoo 430Zoo 431Zoo 432Zoo 433Zoo 450

Zoo 507

Zoo 510

I really hate eels… They are just plain ugly.

Zoo 514

This is a side view of a corner of one of the tanks. They are made of VERY thick glass.

Zoo 886

Peacocks and Peahens run wild all over the zoo. They stick around where they are most likely to get fed.

Zoo 887Zoo 888

Zoo 929

I love their feathers.

Zoo 972

I discovered that the zoo had a prairie dog colony. I had never seen it before.

Zoo 976

One of these two doesn’t belong here…

Zoo 1021

I stopped by the dairy barns, but the only animals were a few little goats. They were pretty vicious with each other. Smile

Zoo2 021

These lizards were hanging upside down.

Zoo2 023

They were completely still, except for moving their eyeballs to watch me…

Zoo2 044

I tried to get another picture of the Chinese Crocodile Lizard, but he hid from me.

Zoo2 068

I really liked this one, but it was crooked. I didn’t want to crop it so I left it like this.

Zoo2 513

Sun Bear

Zoo2 519

Andean Bear

Zoo2 556


Zoo2 568

Mountain Lion

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