Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to the Zoo

I had another photography assignment due today, so on Thursday I went back to the zoo for more animal pictures. It was pretty good weather, cool, but not unpleasantly so. It was a bit overcast though, so most of my pictures ended up rather dull looking. I managed to find a few worth keeping, and I spent quite a few hours going through and cropping them. I also discovered that I could change the saturation levels and wow, did that make a difference! Instead of dull, washed out colors, I had bright vibrant pictures that the colors just exploded out of!

BUT my computer is a butt-head.

After I went through all the work of editing the best ones, my computer saved them all as blank white squares. I had nothing, and I only had a day left to get more pictures.

But all was not lost. I had deleted hundreds of pictures as I went through them. Most were deleted because they were too similar to the ones I saved. If I did a good enough job editing them, I might have a decent collection of pictures to turn in.

I went to the recycle bin and un-deleted everything. I spent Sunday afternoon editing like crazy, and I ended up with pictures more interesting than the ones I had saved before. The only thing I know I’m missing is a picture of a sleeping white tiger. I only took one picture, and it was eaten by an e-gremlin. Oh well. Next time I go to the zoo, I’ll go back and try again.

Here are most of the pictures I submitted this morning. I’ll post more in future blog posts.

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