Friday, April 8, 2011

And Don't Stick Your Tongue Out at Me, Kid.

Since I have become a zoo member and joined the photography club, animals will now be a semi-regular feature on my blog. Since they will be happening so regularly, I have decided that I will try to give each post a different theme. Guess what today’s is. Smile (If you’re reading this, Dottie, sorry. Smile)

Zoo 111

For some reason I have become increasingly fascinated by snakes. Yeah, they’re creepy and they might bite, if they’re venomous, they could kill you, and if they’re big enough they could literally hug you to death, but there’s something about them. I’m not sure why, but I like them. (Just don’t ask me to pick one up. I don’t like them THAT much yet. Smile with tongue out)

Zoo 112

This is an Everglades Rat snake. I just love the color.

Zoo 180

This was the second animal that the girl was showing that day. It is not the same snake as above that was on display, but It is also a rat snake. I asked her if I could pet him, but she said no because, “He’s not the nice one.” He tolerates her because he knows her scent, but he does not like anyone else.

Zoo 183

He may have had an accident on her lap…

I love the rat snake’s eyes. The color and the texture of the iris.

Zoo 192

I also love snake tongues. Interesting snake fact, did you know that snakes “Smell” with their tongues? Their noses are only used for breathing and the reason they are always sticking out their tongues is to taste the air.

Zoo 168

This one is not nearly so attractive. It is a Haitian Boa. I have a feeling he may be a very mean snake. This next picture is a picture of his roommate.

Zoo 124

Notice the stitches? I’m kind of wondering if the other snake bit him…

Zoo 206

This is a Desert Rosy Boa. I love the name. Smile

Zoo 710

This is a Burmese Python. According the the sign by their enclosure, they are becoming a big problem in the Florida Everglades. It is apparently legal to keep them as pets, but sometimes they get so big that people don’t want to deal with them any more so they go to the Everglades and release them. These are not native to the United States, and the snakes are competing with other predators, killing the native wildlife and just disrupting the eco-system in general.

Zoo 711


Well, that’s all my snake pictures. Now that I’ve terrified you out of your minds, is there any animals you would like me to focus on for future blogs? Leave any suggestions in the comments, and as long as the zoo owns the animal you request, I will do a photo study of it on a future trip to the zoo.

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