Saturday, April 30, 2011

Baby Dedication and Cookout

Sunday night my family attended a dedication ceremony for Ariana, the daughter of my friends Robert and Rachel. Afterwards Robert invited me and my brothers over for a cookout, hotdogs and marshmallows over a campfire. My cousin Shaina was invited too so we had a small gathering consisting of Rachel and Robert, Robert’s sisters, Cynthia and Cassie, two of my brothers, Joel and Jacob, and my cousin Shaina. Robert’s parents and grandmother were also there, though they stayed inside for most of the evening. I had my camera along of course, so I took a bunch of pictures.
April 206
The ceremony
April 207
April 209
Rachel and her brother Matthew
April 210
Shaina with Ariana
April 212
Cassie wanted to give Shaina a manicure. She offered to do mine as well, but I declined. Smile
April 216April 217April 218April 232
April 219April 220April 221April 248
Their pets, Mollie and Coley. I love Mollie’s little bow. Smile
April 226April 225April 229April 235
After Cassie finished the manicure she wanted to do Shaina’s hair as well.
April 241April 242
Rachel and Cynthia did their own nails while Cassie works on Shaina’s makeover.
April 250
Shaina preparing to get “Sugared Up” with some pop before we went outside.
April 251April 252
Cassie, Shaina, Mollie, and Joel
April 253
Jacob, Rachel, and Robert
April 254April 255
These pictures were all taken with the flash on. It was actually pitch black out except for the fire.
April 256April 257April 260April 280
Roasting a water bottle. One of many non-food items that met a fiery fate after we finished eating.
April 264April 283April 284

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