Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

On Easter we had dinner at the Home of Morry and Dottie, with whom we attend a home church. Our cousin Sarah, our grandmother, and our uncle Dan were there as well. Jared called from Afghanistan before the service so we had the phone on speakerphone so that everyone could talk to him.

April 155

Dad holding the phone so that everyone could hear.

April 156

James, Jacob, and Joel.

April 159

Morry, Dottie, and Uncle Dan

April 162


April 178


April 163

Apparently James ate too much and passed out on the floor after dinner.

April 164April 165

Although he won’t admit it, I think Jacob secretly enjoys having his picture taken. Watch him mug for the camera here. Smile

April 188

James, on the other hand, does not enjoy having his picture taken. Apparently feet are the best way to ensure that your face does not show up on camera. They do not, however, prevent the picture from being taken. Smile

April 189April 190

James is best photographed candidly. Pictures always turn out much better looking that way anyway.

April 193

In the afternoon, we all talked in the living room while “The Grown-Ups” stayed in the dining room and talked about politics.

April 194April 196April 195

We had a lot more fun than the grown-ups. Smile

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