Friday, June 12, 2015

Facebook Friends #13

It has been over a year since I last did one of these! It was last February! You can tell this one was  started back then because there's a Lego Movie reference. It is high time for another! This post is mostly the same format as the others, just slightly different, there's one new character, Rick Troll, who's purpose I'm sure you've already guessed. I also have one very experimental post in here, you'll know what it is when you get to it, Facebook does not behave like this in real life. :p Anyway, here it is, the long-awaited 13th installment of Facebook Friends!

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Ima Bean is at Circus of the Sun
Izzy Illiterate i herd thay where in town! hav fin1
Ima Bean This is the best movie I ever watched! It like totally 3D!
Lorenzo Literate You're at the circus. It's not a movie. It's real.
Ima Bean It's SO 3D! These graphics are amazeballz!
Lorenzo Literate You're hopeless.

Winston Q. Eyeglasses
The BuildaBlox Movie is the best movie in the ever!
Rick Troll If I was still in school, you would be having swirly sauce on wedgie pie for dessert right about now.
Winston Q. Eyeglasses Yeah, right. Because nerds are weak and defenseless right? Say that to my mace you basement dwelling loser!
Rick Troll What is that, some kind of medieval MMORPGYXWVUT thing?
Winston Q. Eyeglasses No, my mom bought me a can of mace when Chad Punchingfist kept stealing my lunch money. Now he has to wear an eyepatch.
Actually he just has amblyopia, but I like to pretend it was my mace.
Rick Troll Wow. That's really just kinda sad.
Winston Q. Eyeglasses I know...

T. M. Info
Cool! I just discovered that if you yank out a nose hair, it totally sets off a sneeze attack! I'm off to collect a ton of Gesundheits at Nanna Nora's knitting circle!
Mrs. Info Oh, good grief.

Roxy Repost
When I was a kid, we played on rickety playground equipment, rode our bikes without helmets, played sports without pads, jumped out of trees into gravel mounds, ran barefoot through the broken glass fields, shot each other in the face with pellet guns, and ate lead paint chips with wild abandon! And we had a WAY better childhood than these soft, coddled nightmares of today! Repost if you the best childhood ever!
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Connie Conspiracy
Did you know that melancholic shots give you cancer? Do your research sheeple! Wake up! Do NOT vaccinate your kids! YOU ARE KILLING THEM!!!!!!!!!1 Check out for more info!!!! The research is there!!!!!!!! Educate yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Mrs. Info As someone who HAS done the research I can say without a doubt that though most in the professional field agree on the research, there are still a lot of questions, and they are asking them. Vaccines are safe for most of the population. There's no way to know who they might negatively affect. Don't attack good parents for doing what they think is right for their own kids.
Connie Conspiracy Do NOT question me!!!! I have studied the websites for YEARS I KNOW WHAT I am TALKING ABOUT1!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Info You believe everything you read online? The internet is literally the worst thing for anyone's paranoia. You really need to talk to some professionals about your concerns.
Lorenzo Literate Oh my word, she broke Facebook.
Rick Troll So, what are your thoughts on O'Malley?

Flower Child
Love is the music the heart sings when it perfectly aligns with another being of the eternal cosmos.
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Crazy Uncle
Ah! That smells like relief!
Aunty Uncle Craig!!!
TM Info Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gloom Lyrical
"We live in ruined cities, you'll never see in movies. We struggle to survive, to survive." - Duchesse
Gloom Lyrical So deep.
Joy Lyrical What are you talking about? We live in a cul-de-sac in the suburbs. Your biggest worry is whether or not the Goth Topic has run out of spiked leather arm cuffs.
Gloom Lyrical No one understands me.

I was just folding laundry, and I realized that I'd lost a sock.

Mamma Frazzled
I just came into the living room and found the baby trapped in a blanket with one leg sticking out, swinging from the ceiling fan like a snared animal in a net.
Mamma Frazzled Well, no surprise here, it was Junior. He says he set a baby trap and baited it with a pile of arrowroot cookies.
Grammie Happy My little sweetie is a budding genius! I just know he's going to be a world famous engineer someday!
Crazy Uncle Or a big game hunter.
Auntie Uncle Craig!

Ima Bean is in a Relationship
Izzy Illiterate wooowooowww!!! yayy ima!! wutz he lik?
Ima Bean He's so dreamy! 
BB Tween You go girl! Who's the lucky guy?
Ima Bean You don't know him. His name is Haunke. He's foreign.
BB Tween Post a pic!
Ima Bean Sure. BRB.

Gladys Grizzle
So I was at Nora's Knitting Circle this afternoon, and some young punk, who wasn't even knitting, kept on picken' his wretched little nose and sneezing all over the place! It was just obscene! Nora and everybody else were all like, "Oh, bless you." Oh, Gesundheit," "Oh, God bless you!" I just went to town on him with my knitting basket. I don't think he'll be trying that again.
Gladys Grizzle That was no allergy attack. Nasty little vermin.
Crazy Uncle
If you eat four eggs for breakfast, you can get three meals out of a dozen, and if you eat three eggs, you get four meals. BUT if you go down to TWO eggs, you get SIX meals! That's CRAZY! Where did the extra meal come from!? It's like there's some kind of wicked sorcery at work here!!!
Lorenzo Literate It's called math.
Izzy Iliterate yas!!!!1 matth is evvil!!!

R.W. Republicrazy
Last night Donald Reagan came to me in a dream. The vision was so powerful I just started weeping profusely. It has been so long since a perfect, flawless human being has been in office. I just know this was a sign from God.
G. O. Pachyderm Ah, yes. I do miss The Dipper.
Rabid Liberal I thought you Republicans were against worshiping humans. Looks like somebody needs to read their Bible.
R.W. Republicrazy Oh yeah? Well at least I don't worship SATAN!!!!!!!! Like YOU!!!!!!!
Rabid Liberal I don't even BELIEVE in Satan!!!!!! What's wrong with you?!?!
R.W. Republicrazy WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!?!?!?!??!?!?!

Hannah Hashtag
So excited about the new royal baby!!!! #RoyalBaby #PrinceRoland #PrincessKayte #PrinceHogarth #PrincessCarlotta #QueenEliza #Adorbs #DiaperDiaperDiaper
Joyful Exclamations Oh, I know! Isn't new life grand!?
R.W. Republicrazy This is why this freakin' country is going to  photo Censored.png in a handbasket!!! NO TRUE GODFEARING AMERICAN PATRIOT SHOULD CARE ONE SINGLE  photo Censored.png ABOUT THE FREAKING ROYAL FAMILY!!!!!!!!!1
Rainbow Sunshine I agree, Hannah and Joyful. It's so amazing. R.W. I'll pray for you. I hope you find happiness someday.
R.W. Republicrazy The only happiness I need is freedom! FREEDOM!!!!!

I was just buttering my toast, and I got butter on my hand. LOL!

Mitch Morebuff
Yes! I just totally pounded Walter Wimperson in the Punchfighting match! I rock, so hard!
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Ima Bean
My gorgeous BoyToy, Haunke.

Lorenzo Literate I don't even have words. No words at all.
Izzy Illiterate im so happey 4 u!!!
BB Tween ... Ok ...

T. M. Info
I was just innocently minding my own business at the knitting circle this afternoon, trying to get some tips, when out of nowhere some crazy old bat just attacks me with her knitting basket! And she keeps her yarn in an ammunition chest! I think she fractured my humerus!
Gladys Grizzle Well, I find that humorous!
T. M. Info You! It was you, wasn't it! You're just the kind of old crone who would attack someone with an ammunition chest!
Gladys Grizzle You'd better believe it! Now stay away from our knitting circle you cesspool of disease!
T. M. Info Fine! Sheesh! I was just trying to get some blessings!
Gladys Grizzle Then go to church you little delinquent!

Joyful Exclamations Today is the day the lord hath made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!
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Joyful Exclamations Thanks Rainbow!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Truth About Toilet Swirl

Two of YouTube's best science channels, Smarter Every Day and Veritasium, just did an awesome collaboration in such a unique way that I had to share them. They definitively answer if/why toilets supposedly swirl in opposite ways in the northern and southern hemispheres. And while I already knew that there were too many variables to say that that is always the case, this video was pretty cool. Make sure you sync them up when they tell you to, it makes watching them so much more awesome!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

TIIA5 (The Internet Is Awesome)

Let's kick this off, the way I seem to start most of these, with a Lindsey Stirling video.

I have to say, I liked this video even better than the movie it was based on.

I haven't featured World Order in awhile, but if you don't remember, and haven't heard of them, just watch and marvel at their total body muscle control.

Next up is a YouTuber that I only recently discovered, Caleb Hyles, doing a medley from the musical, Wicked.

I bought this song before I'd even finished listening to it, and it's been in my current playlist ever since.

Peter Hollens recently covered Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and it was so good.

Incidentally, at the same time, his wife, Evynne, did a more traditional cover.

Let's end this with Player Piano again, this time with their version of the Doctor Who theme.

They've promised another Doctor Who video soon, I can't wait!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Lindsey Stirling Concert 2014

So today, I am going to another Lindsey Stirling concert! I went last year, and it was SO awesome! I took hundreds upon hundreds of pictures, but I never got around to posting any of them. Just like I never got around to posting the pictures from my trip to Colorado, or pictures from just about anything in the last year. But no more! Starting today I am catching up on all my photo posting, and will (try to) never again get so behind on photos!

Let's begin!

We (my uncle Dan and I) got there about two hours early, thinking we would have plenty of time, and be some of the first people in line. We were not. There were LOTS of people ahead of us.

But we were far from the last. There were so many other people that arrived afterward, that they stretched far out into the field/woods away from the theater.

They started letting us in about an hour before the show. This was the stage.

The show was opened by Dia Frampton and her band Archis.

Dia is the featured singer on We Are Giants, my favorite song on Lindsey's latest album.

I love her drummer's energy.

This guys is pretty much the luckiest guy in the world.

The owner of this phone is also the luckiest person.

Maybe not quite as lucky as the guy who got a public-private serenade, but pretty lucky.

After the opening show, there was still some time before the main event and as we waited, I saw Dia herself come out, and just hang out below the stage. People started going down and talking with her, and then a line formed, and she was taking pictures with people, and I was like, "I can't let this opportunity pass me by!" And I went down. :)

We waited a little while longer and as the sun was going down, Lindsey appeared.

The show was amazing, and thanks to my long lens, I got a lot of good pictures.

Halfway through the show Dia came back out to sing We Are Giants. It was amazing.

Gavi, one of the two other guys that make up Lindsey's touring band.

And that was the show. It was so fun and awesome to see Lindsey live, not to mention getting a picture with Dia. I can't wait for tonight! Not only will we be going to see Lindsey, Karmin will be opening for her! Karmin is one of my cousin Shaina's and my favorite groups, and we are so excited to see them live! Stay tuned for pictures!

P.S. Check out my photo blog HERE for bigger, better pictures from the night.