Saturday, March 5, 2016

Colorado Trip - Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Part 2

After the harrowing experience just getting to the zoo, (Which you can read about HERE) we had an awesome time. This zoo is so cool. The whole thing is built into the side of a mountain, so as you walk through the zoo, you're walking up the mountain and the view just keeps getting better. This was the first view after we got to an overlook.

As I said in the last post, the main draw of the zoo, besides the views, is the fact that you can pet the giraffes. They have one of the biggest giraffe populations in the US. They also have an indoor area, and in there they were training young giraffe.

They also have okapis. :)

Like I said in my first post, these things are everywhere. :)

View #2.

Part of the giraffe exhibit as seen from above.

This reminded me of Lost. :)

View #3.

The giraffes weren't the only things you could pet. They also had some wallabies out and about.

We all had to take turns getting our pictures taken petting them. :)

These two ladies even had a baby out for visitors to pet! :)

It was adorable!

The colors aren't the greatest in these pictures, the lighting was strange in many places in the reptile house. It was very cool looking, but it didn't make for very good pictures. This room was the coolest. They had snakes in these tanks with all different colors of glass rocks, along with pieces of art. It was so unique. I wish more of my pictures had turned out.

Another visitor to the zoo walked up to this little guy and handed him a piece of popcorn. He took it!

If you look closely, you can see a mountain lion, which Sasha is photographing.

That's all my pictures from the zoo. If you still want more, I have a few more of my best pictures on my photography blog, which you can find HERE. I still have more pictures to come from the rest of the trip, so stay tuned for those!

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