Sunday, November 1, 2015

TVAA (The Vagabonds Are Awesome)

I don't do many personal posts, and usually not ones featuring the people in my life, but my friends are pretty awesome video creators, and I felt like more people needed to see their work. The post is titled "The Vagabonds," because we've called our group that for years. I've picked out a few of my favorite videos that they have created, but they've made a lot more than these. You really should check out their channels if you get a chance.

First up we have Alex French. Alex has been a friend of mine for years, but she recently became my brother Joel's girlfriend, which is quite exciting. :) Anyway, Alex is awesome. Just watch her lip sync to an old song you've probably never heard of, "Someone Left the Cake Out In the Rain," and you can see for yourself.

Next up is Alex's youngest sister Alayna. Alayna is hilarious. She did a lip sync of Julian Smith's "Bless You," and it's one of the funniest things ever. I love how serious she stays throughout the entire thing.

The second French sister is Amanda. Amanda is also hilarious. Exhibit A: "Holding Out for a Hero."

April is the third French, but she doesn't do too many videos, which is a shame, because she can be very funny when she wants to. Sort of a dry, understated funny, which I love. She made an appearance in Alayna's video for "I Love My Lips," and she did a great job.

You can see all of them in Alex's "Unusual" video. Just not their faces. :)

I didn't want to leave out our friend Rachel, but as she doesn't do nearly as many lip sync videos as the Frenches, so I'm including one of her music videos instead. Music videos are her forté anyway, and this one is one of her best. This is a video she put together using footage from a bunch of our Vagabond events.

Alayna made this video, "Good Morning," featuring a surprise cameo at the end. It's one of my favorites ever.

Amanda is responsible for one of the weirdest, which might translate to best, videos that any of us ever made, "Boris the Spider," which apparently is a real song.

Alex sure seems to like old songs. Especially rediculous old songs, such as "Rattle And Shake Me Honey Tree."

Alayna once did Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball," and I must say, I like her music video much better than the original. :p

Amanda did my very favorite Disney villain song, if not my favorite Disney song period, "Poor Unfortunate Souls." It never fails to make me laugh. :)

Lets end this with a video from my brother Joel, who has also been known to get in on the action. Just watch this awesome video he made with Alex and April to Rhett and link's "My Favorite Pillow!"


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