Monday, November 16, 2015

Baby Giraffes - A PSA

Public Service Announcement:


Is a newborn baby giraffe.

This beautiful GIANT bundle of sweetness and light,

Baby giraffes are 6 feet tall when they are born.

So stop sharing this abomination on Facebook!!!!!!!!

This THING is NOT a baby giraffe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This has been a public service announcement brought to you by someone who loves giraffes far more than you EVER will. Which is obvious because you mistook a dik-dik, the worlds smallest antelope, for a giraffe, the world's TALLEST LAND MAMMAL!!!!!!!

(Disclaimer: I do not actually hate dik-diks, despite my apparent animosity towards this one, I just REALLY love giraffes.)

P.S. Woah, this brought out my sass! This is the first rant I've written in a LONG time! I think it was for a worthy cause though. Gotta do my part to stem the tide of zoological ignorance! :p

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