Saturday, February 27, 2016

KIA (Kimbra is Awesome)

Normally I am the one showing new things to people, but this time it was my cousin Shaina who enlightened me. Two years ago while we were on vacation, she showed me this amazing video, because she knew that it contained scenes that would appeal to my dark side. :p
Not to mention it's just an awesome video, and the music is amazing.

Then she showed me this video, and it was just as amazing as the last one.

Then because we were on vacation, we moved onto the next thing, and I eventually forgot all about them.

Fast-forward two years, and Shaina sends me this video.

Holy Christmas! This was one of the most amazing, well made music videos I had ever seen! I needed to know more about whoever this was that made this! I started looking around, and I eventually found more music by this "Kimbra," and suddenly I realized, Wait! I know this woman! This is that girl Shaina showed me while we were in Illinois! It's kind of weird how some things come full circle like that.

If you're interested, I also found this making-of video, which was pretty interesting for someone like me, who enjoys the technical side of things almost as much as the end product.

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