Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Final Speech Class!

Last night was a first for me in my journey back to school. It was the first last class. As of last night, I am officially done with my speech class! Hallelujah! It was not as horrible as I had feared, but I definitely would not want to have to retake it. For the final, we did not have to give a speech in the same way as usual. Instead we split the class into two groups and did group projects, where we picked a topic and discussed it in the same manner as they would on a show like “Meet the Press.” One student was chosen as the moderator, to keep the discussion flowing, and all students needed to study the topic so as to be able to contribute to the discussion. The topic that my group chose was actually my suggestion! I was very glad for this, because it is so hard to study something that you don’t care for in the least. Regular readers of my blog already know that I suggested cryptozoology for the topic. I have always been fascinated by animals and the idea that there are animals out there that no one knows about is so exciting to me.

As I have been chronicling my new life at school I have tried to post something from every class that I felt would be interesting to anyone reading this blog. The only exception has been my Psychology class, because there hasn’t been anything that I could write about here, It’s just reading, online discussions, and tests. For my speech class I have been posting my written speeches. These have ended up very different from the speech as I give it, but it ends up being the same information. This time however it would be much different. There would be no way to write my speech in advance, as this would be a discussion between 5 students. Instead I came up with the idea to film it, and post the video here.

A couple weeks ago I did a test video with our cats. I filmed them, uploaded the video to YouTube and posted it to my blog. After a bunch of trial and error, I got everything to work smoothly, and I now am pretty confident in my uploading abilities. Next thing I need to work on is my video editing skills, but first things first.

I ended up having to use my old camera instead of my camcorder, because after I got everything set up I saw a battery icon flashing on the screen. The last thing I wanted was to have the camera shut off in the middle because the battery died, so I opted to go with my camera instead. The video quality isn’t going to be as good, but it serves its purpose. I had to split the video in half because YouTube has an upload limit of 15 minutes, and our panel discussions were to be 20 minutes long. So now, after hours of uploading my videos are ready to go. So please enjoy our discussion of Cryptozoology!


Discussion Part 1
Discussion Part 2

One final note, I was not able to get this in during my part of the discussion, but in my research, I came across accounts of stories told by Australian Aborigines about a huge lizard that lives in the outback, far from any man. In the 1950’s Australian ranchers told similar stories, and some said that their animals were killed and they heard a terrible noise of roaring from the forest. The Aborigines, and the few ranchers that managed to see and not just hear it, all describe this lizard the same way. 20 – 25 feet tall, walks on its hind legs, and has very tiny front legs.

What does this sound like to you? Smile

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