Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Drawing 1 – The first day

Now that I have my drawings back from my Drawing 1 class I can start uploading them to my blog. It would have been nice if I could have posted them all along the past few months, but that’s not how this teacher does things. He saves everything till the end and then does a review of everything you’ve done over the course of the semester and then grades it. So now, you’ll be getting a whole bunch of posts of my drawings.
Today I’m going to just get it over with and post the drawings we did on the first day. These were mainly exercises to get us “Seeing” better. In other words he was trying to make us more observant as we draw. That’s why a whole bunch of these look like nothing but random scribbles. We were not allowed to look at the paper as we drew. We were given random objects and instructed to draw them, just not take our eyes off them. The first one was the in class assignment the second one is the one we did at home.
We were allowed to look at our paper for the next exercise, just not very much.
This last one is where we began learning to cross contour everything. Cross contouring helps define the shapes of objects, but I don’t think it makes them look very nice.
That vice thing took me forever…

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