Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Day of School!

Well, this was it! I am finally done with my first semester of art school! I can hardly believe it! I seems like I just started, but at the same time I know it’s been 3 months. Today all we had to do was take a quiz in Launching the Imagination, and I turned in my final project for Design 1. I ended up doing a self portrait in pencil for that, but I based it on many different pictures. It turned out much better than I expected.
We got our final projects back in Launching the Imagination today. This was the group project. I got pictures of the project as a whole, plus everyone’s individual project so you won’t have to only see mine, and wonder what the rest of it looked like.
The theme we chose was the four seasons. (Just like the painting I recently posted) Smile I did Spring, and Joel did Winter. The other two people in our group covered Summer and Fall. We each did a different medium. I did pens, Summer was collage, Fall was colored pencil, and Joel did regular pencil – his forte. We planned it out so that each picture would sort of bleed into the next with a little collage on mine, a little pen on the Summer, a little collage on the Fall, and a little colored pencil in the Winter. When they were all lined up it made one big scene. The other guy in the group stood on the table to take a picture of the whole thing.
December '10 010
Here are some close ups of each individual season.
I got back all of the drawings I did in Drawing one over the entire semester today. I’m not going to put them all into one post because there are so many, so there will be multiple drawing posts coming soon. Smile Also, I just realized that I never picked up my apple scenes, so you’ll have to wait till next semester before I post those.

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