Thursday, December 30, 2010

So, where have I been?

I suppose some of you wondering why I haven’t been updating as frequently, especially since you know I have more art from Last semester to post. Well, actually I have been pretty sick. I started feeling bad at the beginning of the month and made the mistake of thinking I could just take care of it myself. Well, apparently I was wrong. I just kept getting sicker. These last two weeks, I’ve been basically lying on the couch miserable. finally last week, mom took me to the doctor. He gave me medicine and said come back in a week. Well yesterday mom took me to a different doctor who ordered tests, blood work, etc, saw I was in bad shape and admitted me to the hospital. Thankfully she let me go home this afternoon, so I only had to be there for a day.

I’m not going into the details of what was wrong, or what I went through, you probably don’t want them anyway as most of it is severe TMI, but it was a horrible experience. So if you start feeling bad in a way that you have never cured yourself for before, let someone know, don’t just automatically assume you can fix yourself. I posted on my facebook that I learned that I hate hospitals. They're like drugs. Good if you need them, but otherwise to be avoided at all costs!

I'd never been in a hospital before and it was horrible. :( I even had to break my own no drugs ever rule and ask for something for anxiety so I didn't freak out. :( To make matters worse I knew some of my nurses. THAT was embarrassing. :( One is even a friend from work who works both places. Thankfully the other nurses took care of the most embarrassing details last night, so she didn’t have to. I might have had to move to Antarctica. But I knew my nurse today too. I don’t know her as well, and she did have to do the embarrassing stuff, but she was really nice about it. Most of my nurses were super nice, though one started out nice but got grumpy as the night worse on. I was glad when her shift ended!

One “Upside” is that in the last month I’ve lost 20 pounds from not eating enough since I felt sick, but this is definitely not a healthy way to lose weight. I don’t plan to gain it back though.

So anyway, that’s my story, and you can expect more regular updates to resume soon. I have at least one other one coming tonight.

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