Saturday, November 5, 2016

Rotoscopers Roundup 4

I realized today that I haven't done one of these posts in quite awhile, not since the end of April! It has been a pretty busy year at the Rotoscopers, we've all been working on a many-months-long project, reviewing every Disney animated film, counting down to the release of Moana later this month. I took on quite a few of those film reviews, and I also took in upon myself to write an intro article for each of the different eras of Disney animation. Plus I made the art for all those Era Introduction articles, and it wasn't just screenshots like usual, I put together actual timelines and logos in Illustrator! If you read those articles, make sure to pay attention to the art! Anyway, here is everything I've done for the Rotoscopers from May till now!

Introduction to Disney's Golden Age.

Review of Fantasia.

Review of Bambi.

Introduction to Disney's Wartime Era.

Review of The Three Caballeros.

Introduction to Disney's Silver Age.

Announcement of Steven Universe's summer return date.

Introduction to Disney's Bronze Age.

Review of The Rescuers.

Introduction to the Disney Renaissance.

First look at Disney XD's Milo Murphy's Law.

Introduction to Disney's Post-Renaissance Era.

Review of Fantasia 2000.

Announcement that Adventure Time is to end in 2018.

Review of Chicken Little.

Review of the season premier of Star Wars Rebels.

Introduction to Disney's Revival Era.

Announcement of the voice cast for Disney XD's Big Hero 6 animated series.

And that's it for now! The Disney Canon Countdown isn't quite over yet, but I have finished my contribution to it. My next task is to get caught up on reviewing Star Wars Rebels! In between school and work, I haven't had much time to even watch them! Wish me luck!

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