Friday, November 4, 2016

TIIA 24 (The Internet is Awesome)

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This week was Halloween, and while I don't have enough videos to do a dedicated Halloween post, I did want to feature the couple I did have, (both Disney related of course :p) starting with this awesome video from VoicePlay.

And then there was this one with Jon Cozart and a group I had not heard of before, Voctave.

And after that I followed the link to another amazing video that they did with Pentatonix's Kristen Maldonado.

So basically I found yet another awesome a-capella group to follow. :p

Something almost as scary as Halloween, Politics. I know, I know, normally I  won't touch politics on my blog with a ten foot pole, but there were a couple recent videos that pertain to the election that were just too good not to share.

Anyone following the election will remember the uproar earlier this year when Melania Trump seemed to have plagiarized a large portion of her speech from a speech that Michelle Obama had given a few years back. Well, the Gregory Brothers took those two speeches and turned them into something amazing.

And then there was this video that made me laugh till it hurt from Funny or Die.

Okay, enough of this scary stuff, back to the regular post. :p

The Hound + the Fox don't post often but, but when they do, it's sure to be good. Case in point, this excellent cover of For the Dancing and the Dreaming, from How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Alaa Wardi's a capella is always amazing, but this, very different, very not-a-cappella video he made in partnership with Reeses is a completely different kind of amazing. I love it.

Pentatonix recently put out this remix of their hit single, Can't Sleep Love, and even though this remix is no longer an a cappella song, I think I might love this version even more!

This video from A Capella Science is just amazing, you have to watch it. I can't even describe it, just watch it.

Evynne Hollens' tradition of Disney-fying popular songs continues in this massive collab with a bunch of other YouTubers, including Nick Pitera as Hans, and Peter Hollens as... Snow White?! Yes, it's as amazing as it sounds. :p

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