Monday, December 19, 2016

Poetry of Random

This semester I took a poetry class. It was, by far, my favorite class of the semester, probably my favorite class I've had in at least the last year, if not two years. Probably since my first creative writing class. I ended up writing a lot, some of which ended up being a lot more personal than I intended. But I'll save those for later. The longer, more personal ones will probably each end up in their own post some day. Today I just wanted to share some of the shorter, more ridiculous ones. These ones have no deeper purpose, I just wrote them to write them.

This first poem came from me thinking the phrase "Gargantuan Orangutan," for some reason, and wanting to use it in something. That's pretty much it.

Gargantuan Orangutan

Gargantuan Orangutan,
Oregano and Mint.
I’ve no idea what this is,
I’m making up this Blint.
I even made up that word, Blint,
Cause not much rhymes with mint.

Rotoscope and Gyroscope,
Zoetrope and Quill.
This poetry means nothing now,
And it never will.
I’ve no clue why I’m writing this,
It’s just a messed up mess.

Enunciate, Pronunciate,
Exfoliate and Krill.
I think my rhymes repeat themselves,
Because Krill rhymes with Quill.
But then again they both don’t rhyme,
With Mint, so now here’s Thyme.

Macaroon and Camaroon,
A bug’s Cocoon and Lint?
I think I’ve brought it back around,
Since I rhymed Lint with Mint.
But now I think I should be done.
This made no sense but I had fun.

This next poem came from me having written nothing the night before the poem was due, and deciding to write about that. Funnily enough, several other people wrote poems on the same topic later on in the semester. And that was just of the ones that were read aloud in class. Who knows how many were turned in without reading them aloud. It seems to have been a popular topic.

A Last Resort

Writers block, this is it.
I cannot think, not one bit.

The night before, this poem’s due,
What the heck, am I to do?

I've thought about this, all weekend,
But I've had no luck, for days on end.

I've no idea, what to write about,
Anything I could crank out.

Oh poem gods, help me please.
I'm begging you, I'm on my knees.

Suddenly, the answer’s here!
Write of writer’s block, it’s clear!

It’s a card I can only play once, that’s true,
And it’s a cheap cop out, that’s true too.

But desperate times, or so they say,
I must do what I can, to get through the day.

Well, I guess that’s it, I’ve finished now.
This poem’s done, I’m through, somehow.

This last poem was another one written the night before it was due. I could not think of anything to write because I was too busy writing a bunch of other things, one of which was my Disney Canon Countdown review of Fantasia 2000 for the Rotoscopers. So I decided to write about that. :p

Fantasia 2000

Abstract butterflies.
Chaos in flight.

Titans of the deep.
Titans of the stars.

Classical Jazz.
New York.
Rhapsody in Blue.

A soldier’s love.
Music box.
Something in F Major.

Carnival of yoyos.
Rhapsody in Pink.

Classical wizardry.
Disney magic.
The Repeated Apprentice.

Donald’s ark.
Pomp and Circumstance.

Beauty and life.
Fiery death.
Rhapsody in Green.

And that's it for now. Like I said, there are more poems, but most of them will get their own post in the future, or I'll pair a couple of thematically similar ones together. Either way, eventually you'll get to read them.

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