Friday, November 9, 2012

U Spel bad 5

Time for another edition of "Spelling, Dum-Dum Style." Or, as it is officially titled: "U Spel bad."

If you are one of the many internet users who helped contribute to this list, then weep with the shame of knowing that everyone online is probably mocking you behind your back.

And if you did NOT help contribute to this list, then rejoice! Because everyone knows that you are better at life than ANYONE who misspells a word! At least, that's what I tell myself anyway...


BOTHERING. Really, is proofreading THAT hard?


DYNAMITE? Maybe. That single word was the entirety of the comment. At least they knew enough to capitalize...


Stop relying on spell check. It may give you a correctly spelled word, but it won't always give you THE correctly spelled word. Besides, if you can't spell SENSE on your own, then you need more help than spell check can possibly give.


You're kidding right? You REALLY don't know how to spell GROUP?


Wow. You spelled GYPSY so wrong, you befuddled even my spell checker. I'd congratulate you, but really, being an exceptional misspeller is nothing to be proud of.


I'm sure someone has ALREADY informed you, but you need help.


The writer meant PATTY. I'll forgive their mistake, because they realized their error. How do I know? Their very next comment.

i man patty



Single word comments lacking capitalization, punctuation, and correct spelling are not HILARIOUS, they're just sad.


Yeah, this may look correct, but they were trying to spell ONION. It's a sad day for the American school system.


Yes, it is AMAZING that typing everything you write in all caps makes you seem even less smart.


Yes, it looks like they were trying to spell imagining, but forgot the n, but in the context of the comment (Which was completely void of structure, spelling, grammar, and punctuation) this word should have been just IMAGINE. Either way, it was a massive failure, just like it's author.

Kust Becasue

Proofreading is a necessity, JUST BECAUSE you type WAY too fast.


As a diehard Dizgeek I am extremely offended that not only did you misspell DISNEY, you didn't even capitalize it!

Your awesone!

And your misspelling of YOU'RE has become so commonplace that it would not even be worth mocking, were it not for the fact that you misspelled the word directly following it.


I don't even know what they were going for here. Reading the comment I think they were attempting to spell VIEWS. No idea what's with the extra letters.

You ate a really good artist

I sincerely hope you meant ARE.


I fully believe that you BURNED all of your spelling books instead of reading them.


I'm OFFENDED by your ignorance.


Everyone on this list needs to learn to spell BETTER. And for this last person, I mean that LITERALLY.

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