Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Twist Ending! 8!

Remember what  I wrote in my last Twist Ending post? How I had never had a bad customer since I moved to Ames? As I figured, the very next day, I had an AWFUL customer! This story is not yet that one though, I still had one more terrible customer from Harlan to write about. The next time I write a Twist Ending story, it will be my very first one from Ames.


"Keep the change," the little girl told me, as I counted out the 31 cents in change from her bottle of water.

"Okay..." I replied, unsure of what else to say. I wasn't used to people telling me to keep the change. I set the change aside and moved on to the next customer.

A little later I heard a loud berating voice shouting from around the corner. "$1.69 out of $2.00 is NOT two cents! Get over there and ask for your change!"

"I don't want to," the little girl said quietly, almost in tears. "UGH!" I heard the mother exclaim angrily, and she marched off.

A few minutes later, a much younger girl approached my counter and looked up, barely able to see over the edge. "My sister said to keep the change, but my mom wants it back." She said in a tiny voice. I picked up the change from where I had set it, and handed it to her. She walked back to her mother and gave her the change. "Not you!" The mom shouted at her, pointing at the other girl, "I wanted her to do it!"

Suddenly the woman was frozen in a beam of light, that was being projected through the ceiling. Two green-skinned humanoids wearing blue uniforms materialized beside her.

"Is this the intergalactic criminal known as The Abuzor?" The first humanoid asked the second.

"Affirmative." He replied. "We've been searching for her for the last 13 parstinkles. She will be taken back to Gozox, to be put to work in the Plootonx mines, digging for Croylon Yarf."

"What about these innocent children?" The first humanoid asked. "They had no part in their mother's heinous crimes."

"We will take them with us." The second replied. "Queen Aultramira loves children. I'm sure she will be thrilled to adopt a few more."

The entire group vanished out of the store, and were never seen again.

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