Wednesday, December 9, 2015

TIIA 10 (The Internet Is Awesome)

Let's kick this off with a video from what is arguably the First Family of Vine, The Eh Bee family. This video went absolutely viral on Facebook awhile back, and I watched it every time it came up in my newsfeed, because it just cracked me up so much. BTW, if you have a Vine account, go follow these guys, they are hilarious!

Here's another amazing video from Postmodern Jukebox, with another awesome twist halfway through.

Pentatonix just released a new album, (Of completely original music!) and this is their biggest single so far. Biggest in the public opinion sense. This one is amazing, but as I (Of course) bought the album and have listened to it like a million times, I have other favorites. There's no videos for those yet, so we'll just have to wait. :)

Peter Hollens has done it again. This time it's a song from How To Train Your Dragon 2!

If you watched all the way to the end of Peter's video, then you know he linked to another artist, The Hound + The Fox. Well I followed through, immediately subscribed, and then found this amazing rendition of The Hanging Tree from The Hunger Games.

Next is a skit from the YouTube channel Just Between Us. I laughed so hard, shared it, then watched it a few more times.

Let's cap this off with a new animated(!) music video for what is probably my favorite song ever from Lindsey Stirling. With vocals by Dia Frampton.

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