Friday, January 8, 2016

Rotoscopers Roundup 2

Well since the last time I did this, I have been so busy writing for the Rotoscopers, that I have another huge list of articles to share. These ones are from where I left off to the end of 2015.

Review of Gravity Falls: The Stanchurian Candidate.

Review of The Muppets: Bear Left Then Bear Write.

Review of Gravity Falls: The Last Mabelcorn.

Review of The Muppets: Pig Out.

Review of the DVD: He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown.

Review of Star Wars Rebels: The Lost Commanders.

Review of Gravity Falls: Roadside Attraction.

Announcement of ABC's full season order of The Muppets.

Review of The Muppets: Walk the Swine.

Announcement of The Muppets co-creator Bob Kushell leaving the show.

Review of The Muppets: The Ex-Factor.

Review of Star Wars Rebels: Always Two There Are.

Review of The Muppets: Pig's in a Blackout.

Review of Gravity Falls: Dipper and Mabel vs. The Future.

Announcement that Gravity Falls will end at the close of Season 2.

Review of The Muppets: Too Hot To Handler.

Review of Gravity Falls: Weirdmageddon Part 1.

Announcement of the series finale air date of Gravity Falls.

In the first post, from the first 9-10 months, I had 22 articles, and in this one I have 18! That's a lot of writing for just a few months!

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