Saturday, April 1, 2017

Huge Internship News!!!!

So as many of you know, I have recently applied for an internship at PBS. Well I’m happy to announce that I got it! But wait, it gets better! I’m not doing just doing an internship at Iowa Public Television, No! I’m working for THE Public Broadcast Service!!! The big one! I can’t believe it! This is like a total dream come true! I grew up on PBS shows, and I am so excited to help keep those shows on the air!

But that isn’t even the best part! NO! I can’t believe I get to say this, but I’m going to be working on Sesame Street! YES! THE SESAME STREET!!!! Talk about childhood dreams coming true!!!! I will be moving to New York at the end of the semester to begin work at what is sure to become, the best job I have ever had in my entire life!!!

But wait, you’ll never believe it, but there’s even more! I’m actually going to get to help perform some of the iconic Muppet characters! Caroll Spinney is getting quite old these days, and he needs an understudy for his characters, which are two of my personal favorites, Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch! I will be training to take over those roles when he passes on and goes to that Great Big Bird’s Nest in the Sky.

I am so excited to study under the tutelage of one of the greatest puppeteers in history! Big Bird was always my favorite character as a kid, so I am stoked that I will get to breathe life into his adorable yellow nostrils. Does he have nostrils? His beak. I’ll be breathing life into his beak. That sounds weird, I’m just puppeteering him guys, I’m not giving him mouth to mouth. Mouth to beak? Whatever, I think I need to move on...

Anyway, I've always loved Big Bird, but the older I get, the more I identify with Oscar the Grouch. I just feel like he gets me, you know? Sure he yells  at people, but he doesn’t give a flying flip what anyone thinks of him. He lives in a literal garbage can, but he’s perfectly happy with that! If only I could ascend to the level of contentedness that Oscar has achieved. #LifeGoals for sure.

I’m trying my best to get into character for these iconic roles, but it’s really hard you know? They are both so completely different. It’s basically impossible to embody them both at once. I don’t know how Caroll Spinney has done it all these years. On the one hand you have a gentle giant with a tender heart that loves everyone, and on the other you have a smelly old curmudgeon who may or may not be a living pile of angry carpet mold. Unfortunately for my apartment, I’ve gravitated more toward Oscar, and the whole place looks like a dump.

Well, I suppose I should try to get in some character practice. I want my attitude to resemble Oscar too, not just my apartment. So I guess I’m off to yell at some children. See you on Sesame Street!

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