Friday, June 1, 2012

Countdown to Brave

Brave debuts in just a few more weeks, and Pixar is promoting it in a whole bunch of ways. They've been releasing clips, pictures, and even a featurette that explains the story in a bit more detail without giving anything important away. I've collected a few of my favorites here, but there are more if you care to go looking for them.

I love this horse. Seriously. If they release some kind of a good quality replica, there is a very good chance I will get one, and I don't buy movie memorabilia.

 These three kids crack me up. I know they are going to be a riot. :)

Have I mentioned how much I love Merida's hair? Because I LOVE Merida's hair!
And that crow looks like a great character too. :)

This first clip gives a glimpse into the characters of the three Lords and their sons. They are all hilarious. :D

This next clip is a look at the parents. I love the King's impression of his daughter. :D

This last video is a featurette about the story and a look at the people behind the voices in the film. They've got some great talent doing the voices.

I can not wait for this film! As of right now I am planning to go see it on opening night with some friends. I almost never do that, since there seem to be so few movies that I deem worthy of seeing in the theater, so you know that I am excited! :D

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