Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Trip to the Zoo

Monday I went to the zoo. Not that this is something new to me, but this time I went with my brother Joel, and my cousins Shaina and Sarah. We went in the morning and meet up in the afternoon with our friends Alex and Amanda, who are sisters, as well as Robert and Rachel, with their daughter Ariana.

Of course, among the first stops were the okapis and giraffes. :)

Shaina and I posed by the baby giraffe statue.

We rode the skyfari up to the top of the zoo and walked back down.

One of the sea lions had given birth just a week ago. Have you ever seen a sea lion nurse?

The baby is pretty much adorable beyond all reason. I want one. :p

After walking all the way back to the entrance we met our friends.

We had waited on the three most important exhibits so we could go through with them. First up was the completely renovated aquarium. I have more pictures from one of my solo trips that I will post in the future. The new Jellyfish room is amazing!

Next stop was the jungle, where we spent most of our time.

This happens to me a lot. :) This has to be the most interesting angle so far though. :)

We also went through the desert Dome and the Kingdoms of the Night. When we got out we found Rachel's parents sitting in the shade. We talked for awhile, and then most of us went on to see the cats and bears.

After the zoo we went to a Greek restaurant called King Kong. Most of us had gyros. They were so good!

After supper, most everyone wanted to do something else, so we went to the Old Market. Shaina and my feet were really hurting though, so we stayed behind and watched some shows on my computer. I'm sure there will be a next time though. We are already planning to go see Brave on opening night! I can't wait!

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