Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Monstrous Movie

Friday night will finally be the night I've been waiting years for! Well, it's not really all that dramatic, it's just going to see Brave, but I have been waiting for this movie for literally years. I first heard about it when I was still going to ITT Tech, which was at least 5 years ago now. Back then it was called "The Bear and the Bow" and they announced it with another film called Newt, about the last two Blue footed Newts in the world. Sadly Dreamworks decided that that plot was too good so they stole it and made it about Macaws, Called it Rio, and released it before Pixar could finish Newt. Newt was then cancelled. I'm still quite sore about that one...

ANYway, as with the release of any new Pixar movie, there will also be the release of the newest short film, La Luna. So far I don't know too much about it except that it has critics raving about how good it is. Pixar has yet to disappoint me, so I am excited to see it.

Also debuting alongside Brave, is the teaser for the next Pixar movie, "Monsters University." It is Pixar's first prequel, telling the story of Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc. during their college years.

Today on Facebook, they are giving a sneak peek at 4 versions of the trailer, giving fans a chance to vote on the best one. The trailers are all hosted by different sites, and at least one I won't be able to embed here, so I'll just post the YouTube version, and tell you the differences. The versions are all exactly the same except for one line.

The line from this trailer was "My pony made the Dean's list."

The alternate versions from the other trailers are:

"Class president?! Hee, hee, hee!"

"I can't go to class. I'm not wearing any clothes."

And my favorite

"My homework ate my dog!"

This looks like it's going to be a laugh riot! :D Monsters Inc. was one of the very first movies my family ever went to see in the theater, so I am quite excited for this follow up film. :)

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