Friday, October 26, 2012

A Great Wreck

I don't post about too many movies on my blog before I go see them. Once in awhile though, I make an exception, and today is one of those exceptions. Usually my exception are for Pixar films, and while this movie is not a Pixar film, some of the same talent is behind it. The movie is called Wreck it Ralph, and it's about a video game. On the surface this seems like a rather uninspired plot, but this movie promises to be so much more than what it seems. Before I continue, you should watch a trailer if you haven't already.

I love movies like this where a "Bad Guy" becomes the good guy, MegaMind is probably my favorite movie like this. Any story about redemption, will almost certainly have my attention. And the fact that so many classic video game characters are making cameos in the film is just the icing on the cake. :)

These are not the only reasons I am excited for the movie though. A few weeks ago I found out that Owl City was doing a song for the film. That news in and of itself was enough to get me excited, but today I discovered he has just released a music video for the song. As Disney's marketing department was almost certainly hoping, it has made me even more excited for the movie than I was before, and I am doing my part to spread the news. :)

I will most certainly be going to see this one in the theater, and if you are a fan of video games, or even just Disney films in general, you won't want to miss this one either. :)

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