Monday, October 1, 2012

U Spel bad 4

It's that time again! Time to take a look at how the people of the internet decided to fail humanity once again.

Read on and feel suoperior know that you wouldn't never ever make a mistank like these.

Most of the intended words have been capitalized in bold, otherwise you'd never know what they had tried to spell.


That is so not how you spell that. DUH.

A whooo

That's really what you think a wolf sounds like?

Of corse

OF COURSE you do.


This is just sad. (HAWAIIAN)


This may just be sadder. (MYTHICAL)


I know I won't be the FIRST to tell you, but your spelling is awful.


It is just SCARY how many times I have seen this misspelled this way. Or maybe it's not ever misspelled. Maybe they are just referring to people who are covered in scars...


I don't know how to REPLY to that...

I am not a graphics atrist!

Clearly you are not a spellings atrist, either...


I know what you are thinking, and you are wrong. This was in response to an engagement announcement.


Just because people pronounce HAVE wrong, doesn't mean you need to spell it wrong too.


You think you can insult someone when you spell STUPID like that? I'd call you stupid as well, but I think I just feel sorry for you.


WHOOPS, I think you missed the school bus. Every. Single. Day. Of. Your. Life.


Are you JEALOUS of my superior spelling skills? Yeah, didn't think so. Your IQ would have to be a lot higher for you to understand why you should be.


One might argue that UBER isn't even a word, at least, not in English, but even if it were, you managed to mess it up.


You are definitely not my FAVORITE speller.


Can you misspell the onomatopoeia for laughter? Apparently yes.


"Wow. Your spelling is GREAT!" he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.


This one even I wasn't sure of. In the context of the post, it may have been SLEEVE. But I can not be sure. It was a long post, with many misspellings, run-on sentences, and almost no punctuation. Noah Webster would have broken down and wept at the sight of it.


And with one horrifying mistake, his stupidity broke the entire internet. (ENOUGH)

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