Saturday, October 13, 2012

Observations of a Grocery Store Checker

I have random thoughts at work sometimes. I decided to collect a few of them for a blog post.

Here they are.

A smash and the sound of little feet running for dear life are not a sound one likes to hear.

Cute little old ladies cease being cute when they dislike something's price.

The Express Lane: For people with full carts who are just too impatient to wait their turn.

Grocery stores are a very popular place to bring gravely ill children. "Clean-Up in aisle 7!"

Bratty children get all the candy their screaming little heart desires. Good little children get squat.

Want to witness grown-ups throwing tantrums? Run a massive one-day only sale and run out of 24 packs of toilet paper. Wait for the late-comers...

I believe there may be a cult around here somewhere that doesn't allow their members to shower or use deodorant. That's the only logical explanation for some of the gut-wrenching smells I have to endure. They wouldn't go out in public like that on purpose would they?

Food Stamps are such a blessing! Now all the poor people won't ever run out of pop and candy!

This job helps one learn self control. For example, I have learned how to NOT punch angry idiots with filthy mouths square in the face! Yay, Me! :D

One extremely nice, kind, considerate, empathetic customer, right after a nasty, rude, thoughtless, mean customer, completely makes up for how stressed out that horrible beast of a person made you feel. Yay, humanity! :D

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