Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If I Were a Troll... 4

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youll nevr understnad

Not if you keep writing like that I won't.

lol u sound illiterate there is not justification for ur theory !

I'm sorry, but "U R" the "1" who sounds illiterate.

such a waste of good inviroment

Well, it looks like someone was absent the day that God was handing out brains.

nothin cuz u r quite bad making food

Really? Well, I'm sorry to say, but you are quite bad at making sentences.

would u guys mind to subscribe me i make great content that wont have u regret

Too late. You already have me regretting reading everything you wrote here.

why does pery have a lot of hiding place

You. Because of you. I'd have a lot of hiding place too if you were around.

Haha love iy pd I am on my brothers account

Well, if you wanted people to think he was a complete moron, then you failed, because we all know it was you now.


Your spelling, and your ability to put together a full sentence? Yes. Yes it does.

lol laugh out loud  lop laugh out poop

Wow. You're just a bundle of intelligence, wit, and wisdom aren't you?

all songs best it is naver conjugated thx

I'm sure there's help available for you somewhere. You just need to be willing to admit that you have problems.

Wawww,,veryyyyyy besttttt,,music

Wawww,,veryyyyyy worsttttt,,writing

I like thes vedio

I'm sure you do. *Pats head patronizingly* I'm sure you do.

stupid bcuz of the subtitiles are in the way?.

I'd suggest getting subtitles for yourself, but I'm not sure that stupidity is a translatable language.

thank you super celection & good scence

I'll try to take that as a complement, but I really have no idea what you just said.

That's wisny me haha


amazing nicely forever listening song never forget able.


What is this for an bow ?


Hard work k lei dad deta hon ......Manana


Tere brain super .....tere upar scince ke practal jarur kiye jaye mujko naye khoj karne tere upar



That's what you get for eating those mushrooms.

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