Friday, August 16, 2013

Falling Into Place

Well, I am in Ames! My home for at least the next two years. I got over here last night, and got everything into the house in time to fall asleep, wake up, and head to orientation at work. Thankfully the store I work at is part of a chain, and I was able to transfer to a location just a few minutes away from where I'm living. This worked out perfectly for me, because this way I don't have to look for a new job. That would not have been fun, so I'm really glad I was able to transfer.

That is not the only thing that has just seemed to fall into place. Pretty much everything is working out perfectly. So far I haven't really hit any stumbling blocks. My biggest stumbling block before, and the reason I was still living at home, was money. I just could not afford a place of my own. But since I decided on Iowa State, I can stay with my grandparents in Ames at a fraction of the cost of an apartment.

This does not only correspond to rent. My grandparent's apartment is pretty much fully furnished. There is a fridge, and a stove. I bought myself a blender, and I brought a toaster oven from home, but other than that I don't really need much. The apartment also has pretty much everything I need as far as plates, silverware, and glasses. My grandparents have lived there for years, and they have collected a lot of dishes. All the extras have gone to the basement apartment, so I have everything I need!

Another big money-saving-thing that has worked out, is something I never even thought of in advance, it was a nice surprise. Free public transportation! I will save a lot of money on gas, as Iowa State students can ride the bus for free. And it's not just a school bus, it's for the whole city. So basically I will only need to drive to work, which is less than 10 minutes away.

The car thing was another thing that worked out well, as I had been wanting to get rid of my old car for awhile. Mom wanted to get a new car as well, and her car, being much better than my old car, was perfect for me. So I bought her car when she bought a new one.

Something that I just finished working out today, WiFi. My grandparents did not have WiFi, so I figured that was something I was going to have to pay for. But my aunt called my grandparents' cable providers, and found out that their modem was already WiFi-capable, so all I needed to do was call them and have them walk me through setting it up. So that's done, and it didn't cost any extra!

I don't expect that this streak will continue for long. After all, all good things must come to an end, right? For now, I'm just glad that everything has been going so smoothly.

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