Saturday, August 10, 2013

Huge Month

So, this month is probably going to be one of the biggest months of my life. So far anyway. Hopefully there will be bigger ones... For starters, I sold my first car and bought a new one. It was my mom's old car, but still new to me. I've never sold a car before, so that was pretty big.

Then, I went to Chicago with my cousins. By ourselves. Yes, we're all in our mid twenties, no we've never done anything like that before. Yes, we're probably late bloomers. Don't judge us. :p

Anyway, we had a great time, I'll probably post more info and pictures later. I need to sort through them first. Way too many to post all of them.

Next I will be moving. To Ames. 2 hours away. This is huge because I have never moved before. Ever. As in I still live with my parents in the house I was born in. Well, not literally born in. Though, that would be a more interesting story... This is also huge because I have always lived in the country, and Ames is a city. It has a small town feel, but it's a good first step in case I ever end up in a big city.

Next, I am transferring to a new grocery store. A much bigger store in a city. Aside from the car thing,this is probably the least huge step, but it's still pretty big, as I've always worked in small stores. And a nursing home, but that's rather irrelevant here.

Lastly, I will be starting school at Iowa State, which is a pretty huge university. I was homeschooled all throughout my "Childhood" years, and when I went to college it was at a small technical school. When I went back to college it was at a bigger community college, but still small potatoes compared to where I'm headed.

So, that's my month. It's slightly overwhelming, considering I am used to doing pretty much nothing other than going to work, but it's exciting too. I'm hoping that going to school will lead to bigger, and more exciting things in the future.

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