Saturday, March 22, 2014

If I Were a Troll... The 6th and Final

Well, I think this is the end. I just ended my "U Spel bad" series, and today's "If I were a Troll" will also be the last. I haven't added anything to either of these posts in over two months, and I've kind of gotten bored with them. Sometime in the future I might bring them back, but for now, this will be the last "If I Were a Troll" post.

 photo Troll_zps518484b3.png

like how lisen that every day

Like how stupid you every day.

u should eat heathy

Is Heathy a nickname for someone? If so, you're sick.

*COUGH*COUGH*negative side effects of marajana, people........

Is one of the side effects bad spelling and sentence structure?

just child steped up to you and had a Tshort with Jessie how's it?;)

I'm sorry, what?

Maybe you should to follow back to don't have lost followers?

It's like it's trying to communicate, I just know it!

Foooping awesome chester ! this all song is so good in music and lyrics aspects ´)

I hope you're old enough to be drinking like that...

one more time and it sgonan be the yellow blob i swear im gonna

Yeah, you just do that... Whatever that is...

2 pranker awesome love it oh and I was lafing the hole time

I'd be ashamed for you, but I rather doubt you'd even understand why.

this must be the most stupid argue i've ever been a part of.

Yup, it's the most stupid argue I've ever seen!

Just a pope dream right now.

Really? What does he dream about? Wearing the Papal Tiara every day? Many smooches from hot nuns? Tricking out the Pope-mobile with spinning rims, flame-shooting tail pipes, and a giant spoiler?

And with that, we come to the end of an era. And it's a pretty good way to go out. I was pretty proud of that pope one. :) I'll have a special new "True facts!" for you tomorrow!

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