Wednesday, March 19, 2014

U Spel bad 16: teh emd

Well, I think this is the end. I have decided to end my "U Spel bad" and "If I were a Troll" series'. I haven't added anything to either of my drafts in over two months, and I've kind of gotten bored with them. Sometime in the future I might bring them back, if I find something so hideously mangled that it demands to be publicly ridiculed, but for now, this post will be the last of the "U Spel bad" series. The final "If I were a Troll" post will be up tomorrow.

 photo USpelbad_zps83f8b785.png


Your teacher was ALLEGEDLY fired for being an awful teacher.


I'd find your ignorance IRRITATING, but really I just find it sad.


Given that TWEETY is my favorite Loony Tunes character, it is incredibly difficult to keep myself from doing you an injury.


This is the most disturbing misspelling of ORIGINS that I've ever seen.


I'm not even gonna touch this one.


Is this a new abbreviation? Because it's completely stupid. (COULD)


I think your dementia is BEGINNING to set in


The only thing MAGICAL about you is that you can function well enough to even use a computer.


Wow. I'm actually speechless. (EXIST)


Just say, "Likewise," "You too," or, "I agree." Right now you're just casually name-dropping an internationally famous British singer-songwriter. (DITTO)

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