Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chicago: Day 6 - The Shedd Aquarium

Well, it certainly took me long enough. I can't believe it's almost the end of March and I'm just now posting the last of my Chicago pictures. From AUGUST. ANYway...

The last day in Chicago we spent at the Shedd Aquarium. It was probably my least favorite day. Which is sad, because it was also the place I was looking forward to visiting the most. Don't get me wrong, the aquarium was awesome, it's just that there were SO many people!

THIS is what we had to deal with when we got there.

This is at the back of the line, and we weren't there very long before people started lining up behind us. Eventually someone came along and told us we could skip the long line, and get in the short line since we had City Passes, but that proved to be of little consolation as we were moved from one place to another, and didn't actually get into the aquarium for, I'm not even sure. I'm going to guess it was a good hour. And that doesn't include Uncle Bill, who had come with us for the day. He had to wait in the long line, as he didn't have a City Pass. I don't even know how long he had to wait. We didn't see him for most of the day.

Once we got in and away from the crowds though, we had a great time. By far the highlight of my day was seeing the Beluga Whales, up close from down below, and later performing in the show! More on that later. I only wish I could have gotten a better picture. This one has been heavily Photoshopped to look this good, the lighting was pretty bad for photography. The whales were such hams. You could tell they loved clowning around for the visitors. They swam all around the tank, swimming in circles, back and forth, and upside down, only stopping when they were called to the surface to perform in the show.

Aside from the whales and dolphins, my favorite exhibit was the jellyfish. There were so many more kinds than I have ever seen, and some were just bizzare!

The best part of the day was the dolphin and whale show. We had to wait a long time for it to start but it was worth it.

This picture made me regret not bringing my good camera. I love it, but I hate that it's so blurry!

And that's about the extent of my pictures. I didn't take nearly as many that day as I did on the others.

If you're interested in seeing some more pictures from my trip, I made up a blog post of some of my best photos on my photography blog. You can find that post HERE.

We had so much fun in Chicago last year, that we have definitely decided we're going back. There are so many places we wanted to see, but didn't get to. It's not a question of if, just when. School makes it kind of hard to plan anything right now, but we will go back eventually!

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