Friday, August 28, 2015

TMAA (The Muppets Are Awesome)

In putting together my last post, I realized just how many videos the muppets have done recently, and I realized that they couldn't just be mixed here and there with the other videos, they needed their own post.

To start with, unless you've been living under a rock, then you know that the Muppets are coming back to TV!!! They will be returning with a show in a similar vein to the Muppet Show, but with a bigger focus on the behind the scenes of a show, with more of a focus on the character's personal lives, than ever before. By the way, the show that they will be behind the scenes for will be a late night show for Miss Piggy, which will kind of make her the first female late night talk show host in network television history. Which is kind of hilarious, and kind of awesome. Here's the trailer, which look utterly brilliant.

If you're curious, ABC released the 10 minute pilot that the writers used to pitch the show to the network. It has a lot of things that will not be used in the show itself, but it gives you a good feel for the flavor that the show will have. If the show itself is even half this great, then it's going to be awesome.

To promote the show, and kind of get back into the public consciousness, the Muppets have been making their rounds on YouTube, showing up on a number of channels, collaborating with some of the biggest and best YouTubers, including some of my all time favorites!

Let's start off with their collaboration with Mental Floss. It's not only entertaining, but you'll learn a lot that you may have not known about the Muppets!

Next up, the Muppets joined Mike Tompkins and did an absolutely BRILLIANT version of Cool Kids.

And last but not least, was the biggest surprise of their YouTube tour, a collaboration with LINDSEY STIRLING HERSELF! But it turned out it was not JUST her! I knew from Lindsey's social media that a Muppet collab was coming, but when the video dropped, I was shocked to learn that it was not just Lindsey, they were all joining JOSH GROBAN for a take on one of the songs from his new album, Pure Imagination! Not only was this an excellent song, the entire video felt like a segment from the Muppet Show! It started out with a great skit that segued into the song, and ended with a Muppetty bang! Or should I say, splat. :p

The behind the scenes video was great as well, especially when you find out what Lindsey was going through during the shoot!

This return to form by the Muppets has me all kinds of excited for their return to television. Lets hope that the show lives up to the potential teased by these videos.

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