Thursday, July 14, 2016

Zoo Trips (2015)

Still working toward catching up on pictures from last year. I have a busy August ahead of me, and there will undoubtedly be a lot of pictures from events/trips to go through then, so I need to get caught up on last year quickly!

Last year my cousins and I got a zoo pass, and made several trips to Omaha over the summer. I took few pictures on a couple of the trips, and I'm putting them all into one post.

Most of the pictures came from the aquarium. It's probably has the most photogenic attractions there. If you can get the lighting right. :)

I had just gotten my GoPro here, and I was testing it out. :)

Shaina loves the puffins. :)

Sarah wanted to pose with the giant spider crabs. :)

We saw this really strange creature in the tank! I think it even waved at us at one point!

We went to see a 3D movie. And took a selfie. :p

That's all my zoo pics for now. Next photo-post will be of our trip to Chicago!

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