Sunday, September 18, 2016


Awhile back I did a post of only Disney covers by YouTubers, but lets narrow that down even further, with Disney covers by YouTubers named Hollens. Peter and his wife Evynne of course. :) They have been releasing a LOT of Disney music recently, so I decided to compile a bunch of it all into one big post.

Disney's Tarzan has been one of my favorite soundtracks to listen to independently from the movie since it was released, Leave it to Peter Hollens to do such an amazing cover to one of the best songs.

The movie Brave didn't really have much by way of music with lyrics, at least, not when compared to most other Disney movies, but of course Evynne, in her quest to be every Disney Princess, was all over what it did have. :)

And speaking of that quest: Here she is as Pocahontas. :)

Peter is not to be outdone of course. :)

Here's Evynne as Mulan, as Peter mentioned in that last video.

I liked this song before Peter and Evynne did it, but once they did it, I loved it. They seem to have had that effect on me with other songs before...

Evynne doesn't just do the well known princesses, she also does the obscure ones. :p

Peter doesn't always get into the cosplay for his Disney videos like Evynne does, but they are still amazing.

This is all for now. It's not all that they have done, but it'll be enough for one post. I'll have a (not exactly) regular post up soon. :)

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