Saturday, September 17, 2016

You Go, Grandma!

Last week in one of my advertising classes, our teacher showed us a commercial by Nike as an example of a company using a commercial to put forth a strong, identifiable, brand identity, as well as market themselves to as wide a target as possible. I'd say they succeeded on both fronts very well.

Many people who know me, know I have a thing for awesome little old ladies. Not a weird thing, I just love it when little old ladies do something awesome or inspiring. This one is both. They call her the Iron Nun.

What I find the most impressive is that literally none of this was fabricated. I would have really liked the commercial, even if it was just a fictitious nun who ran marathons, but the fact that Sister Madonna Buder is an actual, real-life person who does this all the time just made me love her, and love the commercial that much more.

I was curious to learn more about her, so I searched YouTube and found some more videos about her.

This last video has a more personal interview with her, and it's one of the best. She is just such an inspiring person.

I just can't help but love her!

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