Friday, June 16, 2017

Nishna Valley Bakery Project

As most of you probably know, my family used to run a bakery. That ended a few years back, even though my parents can't seem to give it up, and are still constantly baking for people. :p

Anyway, last semester, our final project for one of my advertising classes was to create a logo, an advertisement, and a menu for any restaurant or bakery, real or fictional. So I decided to resurrect Nishna Valley Bakery. It turned out better than I thought it would, and now I wish it still existed so they could use my stuff. :p

I did two variations for the logo, even though I only used one in the final material.

This was the ad. I decided to imagine an alternate reality where NVB never ended, and we opened up a physical location.

And this was the menu. It's probably one of the most complicated things I've put together from nothing. Everything, even the woodgrain on the plaque behind the logo, I created from nothing. I had to follow a tutorial for the woodgrain, but everything else I just made up as I went. I even drew all the pictures freehand with my mouse.

So that was the project. Do you own a bakery and need some menus? As you can see, I have baked-good-drawing-skillz to spare, so feel free to hire me for all your pie drawing needs. :p

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