Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Just thought I’d write a quick blog post about the new feature on my blog. I’m sure that by now you have already noticed something new when you first opened the page. A song started playing, right? Alex French has had on her blog, a playlist of music that always plays every time I visited it. It always starts with “Make Your Own kind of Music” which I would play over and over, and it would then get stuck in my head. But I didn’t mind, because I’ve loved that song ever since it was used repeatedly on Lost. Anyway, a couple days ago I asked her how she got that on her blog, and she linked me to a site where I could make my own playlist. I’ll keep adding to it, but for now I have “Make Your Own Kind of Music” A song from Phineas and Ferb, and various songs by Owl City. If you dislike the current song, you can choose a different one, or shut the player off at the bottom of the page. More will be coming soon. There will eventually be a big variety on there, because I like lots of different music. I’m thinking I need some Celtic music and some opera. And just for kicks some classical dance. No rap or metal though.

And now, just to fill out this post, I thought I’d add a couple videos. Music related of course. You’ll want to shut off the player at the bottom of the blog first, so that you don’t get two songs overlapping each other.

This first one is from the latest Phineas and Ferb Episode, “The Wizard of Odd.” It’s a hilarious parody of The Wizard of Oz. This song is a spoof of Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Unfortunately I don’t think I can add this one into my playlist.

That Yellow Sidewalk

The next video is one I can and have added into my playlist. This is the official music video for “Fireflies,” Owl City’s biggest hit. It isn’t my absolute favorite Owl City song, but I do love it and my favorites don’t have videos, so I’m going with this one. I might post some different ones later.


Last but not least, is the newest Muppet Viral Video. This is a great song, and so funny. I don’t think I can add it to my playlist either, but I was able to buy the song on iTunes. Now I can listen to it whenever I want. Open-mouthed smile



  1. I'm so glad you were able to add a playlist to your blog. :) Isn't it fun? I just love "His Cheeseburger" ..........I have the whole thing memorized.

    Can't wait to hear something from Owl City as the name intrigues me. ;-)

  2. I loved Fireflies!! I realize now that I've heard it before on a Relient K record. :)

  3. You had never heard of Owl City before? I love his music. It's just so happy. That's the best way to describe his sound. Happy. :) Adam Young is the artist behind Owl City. He also released a cd under the name Sky Sailing. It's a different sound. No electronics. I love it too. I should see if there are any Sky Sailing songs on the playlist website.