Thursday, September 23, 2010

Princess Produce, a Kitten, and a Haunted Redbox

So work has been a little interesting lately. Yesterday I saw a new item coming through our checkout lanes. Fresh from the Disney Garden, it was princess grapes. Guaranteed to make every four year old girl an instant health nut! I thought this was pretty ridiculous so I went home and posted about it on facebook.
Today at work I saw a brand new item. Disney Princess Grapes? What exactly Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella, and their friends have to do with green grapes is quite beyond me. Disney recently bought Marvel comics, does this mean that someday soon we'll be buying Spider-Man Tomatoes, and Hulk Broccoli?
My cousin Mandi replied incredulously, “Dude, for real?” So I decided tonight I was going to get some photographic evidence. Behold: Disney marketing out of control!

Coming soon: Nemo® Fish Sticks, Prince Naveen® Frog’s Legs, and Bambi’s Mom® Venison! (I should be ashamed of myself for making that joke since Bambi was always one of my favorite movies as a little kid, but I couldn’t resist. Smile with tongue out)
I tried doing a little research on the internet yesterday to find some sort of explanation for why Disney would be selling Princess Grapes. The only thing I came across was one grape web page that talked about a White Princess grape. Nothing to do with Disney whatsoever. I thought maybe some clever head honcho at Disney had heard about them and thought that this was a match made in heaven. I rather doubt it was anything like that though. It’s probably just some bigwig who wants to make money by slapping beloved characters on anything he can think of. Today, I decided to look up the brand Disney Garden, since I noticed that logo on the bag for the first time tonight. Beware, what you are about to see is far more invasive than just a couple princesses…
Yeah. It still makes no sense to me, but I suppose it’s ok, if it make the little twerps give up eating all those candy bars and French fries. Smile with tongue out HAR HAR HAR! Like that’s ever happen! I did notice one glaring omission though. They lost the perfect chance to market Mater’s Maters. Though they did have different Cars on bags of potatoes, so I guess you could say they’re selling Mater Taters. Smile with tongue out
I think their marketing magic is working on me though, ‘cause I totally want some of those Bruce the shark Grapefruits.

That isn’t the only interesting thing to happen lately though. Tonight a girl brought a kitten into the store. Yes, a real, live, furry, mewing, kitten. She had it all wrapped up in a blanket and was carrying it like a baby. She claimed that she brought  it in because she didn’t want to leave it all alone in the car. Why she was driving around town with a kitten at ten at night is a mystery to me… When RJ found out that someone had been in the store with a live cat he said, “Really? A kitten? Yeah, THAT’S not a health code violation! Tomorrow, I’m bringing in my turtles!”

All night tonight our redbox had been acting up, and no one was able to return their DVDs. They posted a sign on the machine directing customers to call a number, and that they would be sending a representative to fix the machine soon. As Courtney Witt and I were leaving the store she noticed that the screen looked weird, like Windows 98 redbox Edition or something. We looked closer and saw that there was a mouse pointer on the screen and it was moving as if there were someone there working on it. It was the ghost of a dead redbox repairman! Actually it’s more likely that someone was fixing the redbox from some offsite location, the dead redbox guy just sounds like a more interesting explanation. Return your DVDs, or be haunted by the deadbox guy! Ahem… Anyway, the pointer clicked open a window and began to log into the machine. The funny thing was, whenever Courtney touched the screen, she controlled the mouse, so if the person fixing the machine wanted to click something she could drag the pointer away from the button. We thought this was pretty funny. I told her that somewhere whoever was working on the box was probably saying some naughty words. Eventually we left them alone so they could fix it in peace, but it was a pretty amusing experience.

Work isn’t usually that interesting, it’s just a grocery store after all, but every once in awhile something happens. Tonight just had a few more things than usual all happen on the same day.

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